Sunday, September 03, 2006

Keep Your Nose Out Warren!!! Why Should He??!!!

Councillor Warren Bradley is told to Scab during the Firemens Strike!!

It is every persons democratic right to strike and not cross picket lines.

See the text below taken from ICLIVERPOOL site, or follow link.

Keep your nose out, Warren told in fire row

Sep 1 2006

By Jane Woodhead, Liverpool Echo

Liverpool council leader Warren Bradley - Picture: TONY KENWRIGHT

A WAR of words has broken out as the increasingly bitter fire strike continues.

The ECHO has learned of a fall-out between Merseyside's fire chiefs and the leader of Liverpool council.

Letters reveal how chief fire officer Tony McGuirk objected to an offer of help in resolving the dispute from Cllr Warren Bradley.

The chairman of the fire authority later added his protest by warning Cllr Bradley that he should not be communicating with Mr McGuirk over the matter.

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Cllr Bradley, a serving fire fighter who is on strike although he did not vote for it, wrote to Mr McGuirk on Au-gust 30 "as Leader of Liverpool City Council, in a vain hope that a resolution can and should be found . . ."

He stressed he did not vote to take strike action and asked for details of meetings which had taken place with the Fire Brigade Union together with minutes from these meetings.

He wrote: "I feel I owe it to the people of Liverpool and my work colleagues to aid in the negotiations."

Keep your nose out, Warren told in fire row

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But Mr McGuirk's reply states that while understanding his intent to be helpful,

"I would respectfully suggest that demonstrating your commitment to the people of Liverpool and the communities you represent by not taking part in strike action as many of your colleagues have done would be an alternative way to demonstrate your commitment to our city."

Cllr Tony Newman, chairman of Merseyside fire authority, later became involved by writing to Cllr Bradley to say anyfuturecorrespondence regarding this matter should be directed to him and not the chief fire officer.

He said: "I would remind you that matters of policyand decision making about these proposals are not within the remit of the chief fireofficer, who is the professional advisor to the fireauthority. I consider it neither helpful nor constructive for a striking fire-fighter, using his political position as leader to a council, to be engaged in discussions in the way you suggest.

"Involvement in such aprocess as a leader of acity council, whoisalso taking strikeaction appears, in my view, to be a potential conflict of interest. "

Cllr Newman said he believed Cllr Bradley's letter should be made public.

oday Mr McGuirk told the ECHO he responded to Cllr Bradley as he would any council leader.

He added: "We are looking at the complete removal of firecover from every community in Merseyside over the next eight days.

"To write to the chief fireofficer in a different capacity (as council leader) requires me to respond as a chief fire officer. I have replied as I would reply to any council leader, regardless of whether or not they are a firefighter."

Cllr Bradley was unavailable for comment.

Is this yet another Gagging excercise???

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