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Norris Green gives old image the boot

Sep 13 2006

By NICK COLIGAN, Liverpool Echo

The notorious Boot estate used to be just a series of derelict boarded up houses but these new homes show what the future holds for the estate

BURNT out houses and derelict streets are being exchanged for trendy kitchens and lounges.

The new look - and new name - for Liverpool's notorious Boot estate is finally being unveiled.

A developer will officially launch three showhomes on the fringes of the near-derelict Norris Green neighbourhood, months after building work started.

And it hopes to shake off the Boot's reputation for decay and deprivation by christening the new estate "Ellergreen", the same as a nearby community centre.

Long-suffering residents have already had a sneak preview of two showhomes, which were finished some time ago.

But the third - a three-bedroom detached house - will be the most common design on the new estate's first phase.

Builders have now begun constructing 104 properties for sale, starting at £110,000, and 90 rented Cobalt housing properties. The first few should be ready by Christmas.

Later phases of the 640-home development will then begin.

Steve Barber, from developer New City Vision, said: "It is well-documented that the project has taken years to get over a set of obstacles.

"But now we have started full construction works, it is moving at a fast pace.

"The homes for rent have been prioritised for people who used to live in the immediate area previously. The homes for sale are aimed at a wide range of people, including first-time buyers.

"The first houses are now appearing and roofs will be going on shortly. They will be completed before Christmas, but final moving-in dates depend on access and utility issues.

"We decided to give residents the final choice on the new name, and we think people liked Ellergreen because it already has a local identity and signifies a new start."

Boot residents, who are surrounded by burnt-out, boarded-up houses, today praised the new designs, but demanded to know when properties would be ready.

Jane Canning, of Glassenby Crescent, said: "They are nice designs, but where are the houses? I am not bothered about looking at them yet.

"So many people have waited so long for a new home and I am watching them pass away one by one.

"I like the new name, but I would have called it 'Never Never Land'."

The last plan to rebuild the Boot estate collapsed four years ago, leaving hundreds of families in horrendous living conditions.

Cllr Marilyn Fielding, executive member for housing, said: "I am delighted that residents are finally able to get a glimpse of these high-quality homes.

"But we are aware that people have been waiting for several years and aim to make sure the properties are completed as quickly as possible."


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Another Company Making Money out of Liverpool

Ever since Liverpool City gained the covetted title of Capital of Culture, we have seen companies falling over themselves in the scramble to get a piece of the pie'

When we needed these people in the aftermath of the 80's, when Liverpool was crying out for investment and employment, where were the big companies then?

Will they still be here when the money dries up??

This article from Daily Post gives details of a "public relations" company who admit when Liverpool started on the up so to speak, they suddenly want to be here!
What the hell is "public relations" anyway?

Launch for latest public relations firm to open in Liverpool

Sep 4 2006

Daily Post

THE chairman of public relations firm Bell Pottinger, Kevin Murray, came to Merseyside to officially launch the organisation's new Liverpool office.

More than 60 guests were entertained by a string quartet from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra at the city's newest boutique hotel, 62 Castle Street.

Mr Murray told guests from the city's business community, media organisations and local government that Bell Pottinger has had its eye on Liverpool for some time but wanted to get the right team.

"We've known for some time that Liverpool is on the up and have wanted a presence in the city. Richard Clein, who is heading up the office, is very well connected and gives us local expertise.

"But he is also able to draw upon a national and, where necessary, an international resource which can only be good news for businesses and other organisations on Merseyside."


Check out this blog and the comments that go with it.
Tony Parrish cannot be stopped, It's OFFICIAL.

Liverpool City Council Leaders, show your support and get rid of the Liverpool Evil Cabal.

The UK Daily Pundit: I Am Tony Parrish

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If you enjoy scandal and exposure of people in high places, check out this site.

It has links to our old favourite "The Kirkby Times".

I wonder if theLiverpool City Council Library will let me have a look?

Mentions of our own modern day Spartacus, if you read between the lines.

Has this anything to do with you Mr Parish????

Check below for whats promised or see link

osted by admin under
Local News
The Liverpool Times

Coming soon; The Liverpool Times, a local website that speaks the truth and tell it like it is. Working class wisdom combined with the Christian and socialist past of our great city is mixed in with a little bit of good old rebellion and served up to the lying hypocritical councillors, politicians and the money grabbing groupies who ride on the gravy train. We’re sure you’ll like it.

Freedom of Speech

We will be offering local news, from the areas of Liverpool, plus forums to have your say on the issues that matter to us. We’ve got cartoons, photos, tributes, defamation, music and videos. We’ve also got banned material on Sonae making a come back, and other material which local councillors and politicians see as defamation, but the rest of us see as the plain honest truth. Thankfully The Liverpool Times is hosted in the USA and therefore can publish more contentious material than you might in the gagged U.K. No matter what people say about America, we have to envy their constitution, but in many ways, it is just an idea that we once had, and never followed through.

We also host and take onboard all the Kirkby Times material. Whatever happened to all the news there? We’ll spill the beans on the appalling censorship of a groundbreaking local website and the harassment of people involved. Regular writers and whistleblowers who contributed to the Kirkby Times will be happy to know that you’re welcome to continue the good work here. Bored office workers, especially those in the local councils, will probably see this website banned, with previous Liverpool websites. From gunboats at the Mersey to banned websites, the legacy of working class struggle lives on.

We hope you’ll join us here on The Liverpool Times, and contribute material to the website. We are using sophisticated software which allows users to make comments after approval is given. You will need to submit a valid email address to join in the comments and regular contributors will be able to post up articles from any computer they might be using, as long as it has internet access. We don’t want any idiots. Rules of engagement will exist. Anyone making comments that are prejudicial against the poor and working class will not be tolerated.

In the meantime, you can check out our tribute banners by altering the themes using the drop down list at the top left hand corner, just below the banner at the top of the page. There will be a few more banners added up till the launch date and afterwards. Local artistes are welcome to contribute artwork. All copyright remains your own. Plagiarists and cut and paste merchants won’t get far either.

If you fancy sending us some material, be it news or views, or history or an eye on the future - then email us. If you think you might be able to run a column on some subject of interest then submit some original work.

The Liverpool Times will treat all contributions with confidentiality. Right of reply is extended to anyone or any organisation who might want to put their side of things.

Tune in for more details soon. Long live Freedom of Speech in Liverpool.

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I was shocked to hear of the death of Steve Irwin today.

Steve, known around the world as the "Crocodile Hunter" was killed by a stingray which pierced him in the heart.

Steve brought a new and often dangerous approach to how we see animals and has given so much to the conservation of animals across the world.

He is well known for his contravertial attitudes and recently was critisised for having his new born baby in his arms, whilst winding up a crocodile.

He will leave behind him a huge legacy.

My thoughts go out to his wife and 2 children.

Steve will be missed around the world.


I love this story.

Apparently some of us Scousers would run along the streets on a Good Friday, with an effigy of Judas, which they would then burn against a wall!

I can imagine some of the faces that would be pasted onto such an effigy, if still practiced today.

Who would you like to see ceremoniously burned as a Judas???

Liverpool a collection of links and blogs: Vicious Dogs Campaign Liverpool Echo


Liverpool a collection of links and blogs: Vicious Dogs Campaign Liverpool Echo

Vicious Dogs Campaign Liverpool Echo

The Liverpool Echo is campaigning for tougher laws on the vicious dog society.

The campaign is called ECHO BITEBACK,

Please show your support for this campaign so we can protect animals from vicious OWNERS, WHO ARE USUALLY THE REAL CULPRITS!!

Clipping from the Liverpool Echo below

ECHO Biteback campaign logo ECHO Biteback campaign

THE ECHO is launching a fightback against yobs blighting our communities with dangerous dogs. We want tough new laws and bigger penalties for thug owners who set their animals on other pets for sport or allow them to attack people in the street.

To show your support please go to the icLiverpool site

follow link for stories of children attacked by vicious dogs.


Taken from Liverpool Echo letters page 1st September 2006

Back on course?

WITH just a few months to go before the start of our 800th birthday celebrations and 16 months before the launch of our European Capital of Culture year, I wonder whether the current calm after the storm caused by Robyn Archer's departure is a sign that plans are back on course?

The next two years arevital to the continued renaissance of our city and at this late stage it is encouraging to see the greater engagement of local communities and arts and cultural organisations within Liverpool.

It is now more important than ever that everyone involved in 2007 and 2008 pulls together and that the veil of secrecy that has so often shrouded events is removed.

Cllr Steve Rotheram,
Labour spokesperson for leisure, sport and culture



Regional news
In association with The Royal Bank of Scotland

Threats 'made by fire strikers'

Sep 4 2006

By Ian Hernon, Liverpool Echo

Senior officers tackle a fire in flats above a shop in Kensington

FIREFIGHTERS who agreed to work through the Merseyside strike today claimed their families were being threatened.

Abusive phone calls and dangerous vandalism have been reported by staff who agreed to work during the industrial action, which started on Friday.

They told bosses firefighting equipment was tampered with while stand-in crews were attending callouts.

Today fire officials claimed insults and threats were coming from some striking members of staff, who were phoning the working crews' private numbers to intimidate them.

They warned the handful of individuals they believed were responsible, saying there would be no amnesty for their actions after the strikes ended, and they would use any disciplinary methods at their disposal.

A spokesman said: "While the majority of striking firefighters have behaved properly, a minority have been involved in childish, disruptive, and sometimes dangerous actions.

"We think a gauge on one of the engines from the city centre was tampered with, showing it had a full tank of petrol when it did not.

"We will raise the issue with the Fire Brigades Union today and report the more serious incidents to the police."

Former firefighters have been brought out of administration jobs and retrained to operate fire engines after 1,000 staff walked out on Thursday morning in a dispute over job cuts and changed working patterns.

The striking firefighters were returning to work for two hours today, before starting a second four-day strike.

Talks to end the strike were continuing todayafter a productive meeting on Saturday between union leader Les Skarratts and deputy fire chief Bill Evans.

Mr Skarratts said: "At this stage, we are satisfied that the talks are genuine and not simply a public relations move on behalf of the fire authority.

"We feel there has been some movement on the issues we have raised."

The industrial action is planned to end at noon on Friday. All but four fire stations remained open.

No-one from the union was available to comment on the allegations of phone threats and vandalism.

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Liverpool a collection of links and blogs: Capital Of Culture at Risk???

Liverpool a collection of links and blogs: Capital Of Culture at Risk???

Capital Of Culture at Risk???


Taken from Liverpool Labour web site


Liverpool people have reacted with confusion as ex Lib Dem leader of the City Council, Cllr Storey, voices concerns about Capital of Culture. Whilst many agree with what he is saying - Liverpool people do not know what is going on and do not feel a part of Capital of Culture - residents are shocked that he did not voice these concerns when leader.

Cllr Storey has said. " I don't think we have thought through what our legacy will be from this [Capital of Culture]." He went on to state, "I am not sure it's by the people for the people"

The Labour Party has long been stating this calling for more openness about Capital of Culture and asking for more support to be given to projects that reflect Liverpool people and their own unique, wonderful culture.

One voter told the Liverpool Labour Party website, "Cllr Storey is a bit late to be asking these questions. Others have been questioning the process for a long while. Why didn't Cllr Storey raise these concerns when he was leader of the Council and could do a lot more about it? There's a whiff of opportunism here and you've got to ask whether he is trying to make it difficult for the new Council leader."

Liverpool Labour ask are contracts legal??



Labour councillor Jane Corbett has highlighted serious concerns over the whether contracts awarded by the City Council are legal. All contracts over £100,000 should be put out to tender to ensure Council tax payers are getting value for money. However, Enterprise-Liverpool, which the Council has a 20% stake in, were awarded a £500,000 contracts for street-lighting without it going out to formal tender.
Concern was also raised over a £1.5 MILLION deal to refurbish two council One Stop Shops with the contractors Mansell. Rather than the usual process of going out to formal tender for contracts over £100,000 both deal were negotiated with the contractors instead.
CllrCorbett - concern over tenders
Cllr Corbett - concern over tenders

Neighbourhood Renewal Funding (NRF) is a huge amount of money given by the Government to help regenerate deprived communities. Liverpool has been awarded £150 MILLION by the Labour Government between 2001 and 2006. However, the Lib Dem Council has consistently used the funding to prop up the main council services. Both the street lighting contract and the One Stop Shop contract were funded through NRF money.

Cllr Corbett represents Everton ward - one of the key wards that should benefit from NRF funding - and has raised the issue with full council asking for this to be urgently addressed. However, the Liberal Democrats voted against the motion. Cllr Corbett said, "I am concerned by the way the Liberal Democrats have reacted. Why did they refuse to vote against my amendment?

"The people of Liverpool, Councillors and the Government need to know that those in senior positions in Liverpool can be trusted with large Government grants. NRF is given by the Labour Government to tackle poverty and inequality in our most deprived communities. Communities deserve to be treated better than this."

An internal Council audit stated "It is not clear to us whether the award of additional work is legal". The audit also revealed that at least £50,500 from the £1.5 MILLION contract for One Stop Shops was used to pay Council Officers' salaries, simply to prevent it going unspent. Whilst this is legitimate, the process has been called into question. Cllr Corbett questioned, "Why is there no hard recorded evidence of how much time they have actually spent working on the contract?. Instead, the officers suggest that the sue of the NRF money in this way was not based on any actual time records"

Fellow Labour Councillor and spokesperson on regeneration, Steve Munby, said, "We've said time and again that some NRF money is not being spent in the way it is meant to. I am sure people would agree that it should be going into the poorest areas where it was intended to.

Labour have also branded the use of £1.4 MILLION of Neighbourhood Renewal Funding towards a Capital of Culture Shop a "disgrace". The Government has already given the Council £5 MILLION for building contracts linked to Capital of Culture. However, NRF money intended for use in the most deprived areas is instead being channelled by the Lib Dem council towards a city centre shop.

Cllr Corbett said, "I am appalled by what they are doing. The council has shown that this shop will lose £524,000 per year. NRF money is intended to reduce poverty and inequality and the council is well aware of this, yet the Lib Dems have decided to use it to help fund a city centre shop. It is a disgrace"


Jane Kennedy Or Henshaw?? You Choose Tony Blair

Extract from the Liverpool Labour Party Website,


Liverpool people have been amazed at the latest attack the Lib Dems have slumped to. Wavertree's Labour MP Jane Kennedy has left the Government in protest at the pace of change in the NHS. However, the Lib Dems, who want to see the part privatisation the NHS, have attacked her for standing up for Liverpool people.

Wavertree's Labour MP Jane Kennedy has stated that she supports NHS changes but she would like to see the pace of change slowed down to reflect the massive changes already occurring the NHS. Something the Lib Dem leader, much to the embarassment of Liverpool Lib Dems, agred with.

However, after ensuring that Alder Hey was protected, Jane decided that the appointment of the failed head of Liverpool City Council, David Hensaw, to head up the region's health authority was a step too far. Something the local Lib Dems amazingly failed to comment on.

Liverpool people recognise that David Henshaw failed miserably when it came to social services so distrust him to lead the health sector in this region. Liverpool people have been supportive of Jane Kennedy MP for standing up for the people of Liverpool despite personal cost.

As one Wavertree resident said, " David Henshaw is a proven failure when it comes to Social Care. The man has presided over the single biggest failure of the system this area has ever seen. Yet he has been put into place thanks to the supoort of supine health officals. I am surprised that Number 10 decided to ignore the incredible feeling on the street. Thank you that we have a good MP like Jane to stand up for us whilst the Lib Dems remain silent."


Jeffrey Archer's Official Blog

Is this really a blog by the Convicted Con Man HIMSELF???

Then we have to watch him on the T.V. in some advert!

Great moral lesson from this one for the kids to live by?!!


Jeffrey Archer's Official Blog

The UK Daily Pundit: I Am Tony Parrish

Is He Back????

The seek him here they seek him there they're seeking Tony everywhere!!!!!

The UK Daily Pundit: I Am Tony Parrish

Keep Your Nose Out Warren!!! Why Should He??!!!

Councillor Warren Bradley is told to Scab during the Firemens Strike!!

It is every persons democratic right to strike and not cross picket lines.

See the text below taken from ICLIVERPOOL site, or follow link.

Keep your nose out, Warren told in fire row

Sep 1 2006

By Jane Woodhead, Liverpool Echo

Liverpool council leader Warren Bradley - Picture: TONY KENWRIGHT

A WAR of words has broken out as the increasingly bitter fire strike continues.

The ECHO has learned of a fall-out between Merseyside's fire chiefs and the leader of Liverpool council.

Letters reveal how chief fire officer Tony McGuirk objected to an offer of help in resolving the dispute from Cllr Warren Bradley.

The chairman of the fire authority later added his protest by warning Cllr Bradley that he should not be communicating with Mr McGuirk over the matter.

Story continues Continue story

Cllr Bradley, a serving fire fighter who is on strike although he did not vote for it, wrote to Mr McGuirk on Au-gust 30 "as Leader of Liverpool City Council, in a vain hope that a resolution can and should be found . . ."

He stressed he did not vote to take strike action and asked for details of meetings which had taken place with the Fire Brigade Union together with minutes from these meetings.

He wrote: "I feel I owe it to the people of Liverpool and my work colleagues to aid in the negotiations."

Keep your nose out, Warren told in fire row

Previous 1 2

But Mr McGuirk's reply states that while understanding his intent to be helpful,

"I would respectfully suggest that demonstrating your commitment to the people of Liverpool and the communities you represent by not taking part in strike action as many of your colleagues have done would be an alternative way to demonstrate your commitment to our city."

Cllr Tony Newman, chairman of Merseyside fire authority, later became involved by writing to Cllr Bradley to say anyfuturecorrespondence regarding this matter should be directed to him and not the chief fire officer.

He said: "I would remind you that matters of policyand decision making about these proposals are not within the remit of the chief fireofficer, who is the professional advisor to the fireauthority. I consider it neither helpful nor constructive for a striking fire-fighter, using his political position as leader to a council, to be engaged in discussions in the way you suggest.

"Involvement in such aprocess as a leader of acity council, whoisalso taking strikeaction appears, in my view, to be a potential conflict of interest. "

Cllr Newman said he believed Cllr Bradley's letter should be made public.

oday Mr McGuirk told the ECHO he responded to Cllr Bradley as he would any council leader.

He added: "We are looking at the complete removal of firecover from every community in Merseyside over the next eight days.

"To write to the chief fireofficer in a different capacity (as council leader) requires me to respond as a chief fire officer. I have replied as I would reply to any council leader, regardless of whether or not they are a firefighter."

Cllr Bradley was unavailable for comment.

Is this yet another Gagging excercise???

World Heritage site, Liverpool

This is what is says but the link is better as you can access other details.

The List
Liverpool – Maritime Mercantile City
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Liverpool, England
N53 24 24.0 W2 59 40.0
ref: 1150
[Liverpool – Maritime Mercantile City]
Date of Inscription: 2004
Criteria: (ii)(iii)(iv)
Brief Description

Six areas in the historic centre and docklands of the maritime mercantile City of Liverpool bear witness to the development of one of the world’s major trading centres in the 18th and 19th centuries. Liverpool played an important role in the growth of the British Empire and became the major port for the mass movement of people, e.g. slaves and emigrants from northern Europe to America. Liverpool was a pioneer in the development of modern dock technology, transport systems, and port management. The listed sites feature a great number of significant commercial, civic and public buildings, including St George’s Plateau.
Justification for Inscription

Criterion (ii): Liverpool was a major centre generating innovative technologies and methods in dock construction and port management in the 18th and 19th centuries. It thus contributed to the building up of the international mercantile systems throughout the British Commonwealth.

Criterion (iii): the city and the port of Liverpool are an exceptional testimony to the development of maritime mercantile culture in the 18th and 19th centuries, contributing to the building up of the British Empire. It was a centre for the slave trade, until its abolition in 1807, and to emigration from northern Europe to America.

Criterion (iv): Liverpool is an outstanding example of a world mercantile port city, which represents the early development of global trading and cultural connections throughout the British Empire.
World Heritage Committee documents

* Decision 28COM 14B.49
* [PDF Document] Advisory Body Evaluation

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Copyright © 1992-2006 UNESCO World Heritage Centre, All Rights Reserved | Terms / Policies | v3.0, Updated 03 Sep 2006

North West Enquirer clipping

Capital Of Confidentiality??

See below for details,

Capital of Confidentiality to keep cash deals secret PDF Print E-mail
Published on May 11 2006
by Paul Unger

Liverpool's waterfront
Liverpool's waterfront
LIVERPOOL Culture Company, the organisation in charge of European Capital of Culture celebrations, has rejected claims it is publicly unnaccountable despite refusing to allow access to financial information.

The organisation declined to confirm how much income is being received from private companies through sponsorship programmes.

Having won the signatures of eight official partners from the private sector, LCC has refused to disclose the amounts each is paying and how receipts tally with the business plan.

The sums don’t add up.

In the business plan for 2005 - 2009 the organisation says 11 per cent of total income will come from commercial sources.

Of the £94.9m budget set for the four-year plan this produces a commercial income target of £10.4m.

Liverpool City Council will contribute 54 per cent and other grant sources 35 per cent.

However, in a separate “delivery plan” LCC states its ambition to sign up 12 official private partners each offering cash and in-kind payments worth £2m, or £24m in total.


This is already double the four-year target for private income and will be bolstered by tiers of “official supporters, suppliers and friends” worth more than £15m as a whole.

Ten official supporters will pay £1m each.

Another 10 official suppliers - Cains brewery is the only one so far - will sign deals worth £500,000 each in cash and stock. Friends will total around 40, each paying £20,008.

While LCC may have set itself deliberately cautious targets, it is not known what percentage of sponsorship packages are actually paid in cash despite the full liability for the programme resting with the public.

Chris Green, head of commercial at LCC, said it was against policy to comment on the detail of the sponsors’ packages.

He added: “We are not setting an upper limit on the amount raised by sponsorship. It could be more than the targeted £10m if we can generate it.”


Green denied the organisation was being too closed in its stance and said it had a duty to protect the confidentiality of clients. “If you look at what we have revealed in the delivery plan it is difficult to accuse us of not saying where the money is coming from and what we are paying for with it. If a sponsoring organisation wants to keep amounts [of money] confidential that’s their affair.

“We are also in talks with other potential sponsors and, considering each agreement is drawn up differently according to what the partner can offer, we would not want the detail of earlier deals becoming known in case it jeopardised negotiations.”

LCC aims to secure at least 50 per cent cash from each deal, Green said, although this could be reduced by a significant media offer.

Trinity Mirror NW, publisher of the Liverpool Daily Post and ECHO is believed to have paid 10 per cent in cash of its £2m package.

All the official partners so far declined to reveal details of their sponsorship deals.

Experts in information disclosure believe when a group is overwhelmingly funded by the public purse it should not withold operational information.

Public interest

Katherine Gundersen, spokeswoman for the Campaign for Freedom of Information, said: “It is obvious that when there is a large amount of public money in a company or organisation there is a strong public interest case for asking what that company is doing.”

LCC has come under repeated pressure to disclose more information on its operations following a string of complaints about appointment procedures for key executives and a lack of detail about events in 2008, the Capital of Culture year.

Conveniently, LCC is both a council department, covered by the FoI, and a private company limited by guarantee and exempt from FoI.

In a statement LCC said: “The Liverpool Culture Company is a department of Liverpool City Council, unique for having an independent board and specifically created to deliver the Capital of Culture programme in 2008.

“All major decisions go before the city council's executive board, whose minutes are available publicly, as are the Culture Select Committee's and Scrutiny Committees. Requests for information about the personnel and finances of the Culture Company board can be addressed to Companies House.”


However, as a private company limited by guarantee with no shareholders, LCC is exempt from reporting its financial accounts to Companies House.

The LCC statement continued: “The majority of our activity comes under the local authority remit, so FoI requests are dealt with as usual. We would not make contracts with partners available as these contain commercially sensitive data, so they are exempt under the FoI, and are not publicly available at any point.”

The Enquirer has now made requests under the FoI to the LCC and its public partners to see the contracts and all board minutes, committee meeting minutes and reports relating to the commercial income of the organisation.

Gundersen added: “Contracts awarded by public bodies have been seen a lot more since the public sector came up against FoI.

“There are tough tests in place in the act relating to the release of commercial information. Firstly it has to prejudice the commercial interests of any person to be withheld. Secondly, a public interest test can be applied. This will test whether the public interest in disclosing information outweighs the commercial prejudice. So it is not as simple as applying a blanket exemption and saying ‘that is that’.”

Read also:

A city reflected in music and dance

To respond to this article, please use the Contact Form.

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The Whistle Blower?

This is a link to the whistle blower blogspot.

Where are you now?
Keep the public aware.

Jane Kennedy asking for government control of housing renewal,

Being a nosey sort of a person I sadly look at what our elected MP's are doing on our behalf?
I like this one that was dated as and titled


Kennedy, Jane

That this House notes that Liverpool City Council has asked for £135 million to be made available by the Department for Communities and Local Government to enable the establishment of Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH); and believes that the concerns being expressed by the former executives of LMH require that the Government investigate the circumstances of the resignations of David Hucker and Linda Cherry and the possibility of taking the future management of the process of housing renewal out of the hands of Liverpool City Council.

What do Liverpool Tax payers think of this one then?
Comments please?

Tori Blare