Sunday, September 03, 2006

Jane Kennedy Or Henshaw?? You Choose Tony Blair

Extract from the Liverpool Labour Party Website,


Liverpool people have been amazed at the latest attack the Lib Dems have slumped to. Wavertree's Labour MP Jane Kennedy has left the Government in protest at the pace of change in the NHS. However, the Lib Dems, who want to see the part privatisation the NHS, have attacked her for standing up for Liverpool people.

Wavertree's Labour MP Jane Kennedy has stated that she supports NHS changes but she would like to see the pace of change slowed down to reflect the massive changes already occurring the NHS. Something the Lib Dem leader, much to the embarassment of Liverpool Lib Dems, agred with.

However, after ensuring that Alder Hey was protected, Jane decided that the appointment of the failed head of Liverpool City Council, David Hensaw, to head up the region's health authority was a step too far. Something the local Lib Dems amazingly failed to comment on.

Liverpool people recognise that David Henshaw failed miserably when it came to social services so distrust him to lead the health sector in this region. Liverpool people have been supportive of Jane Kennedy MP for standing up for the people of Liverpool despite personal cost.

As one Wavertree resident said, " David Henshaw is a proven failure when it comes to Social Care. The man has presided over the single biggest failure of the system this area has ever seen. Yet he has been put into place thanks to the supoort of supine health officals. I am surprised that Number 10 decided to ignore the incredible feeling on the street. Thank you that we have a good MP like Jane to stand up for us whilst the Lib Dems remain silent."


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