Saturday, September 02, 2006

Jane Kennedy asking for government control of housing renewal,

Being a nosey sort of a person I sadly look at what our elected MP's are doing on our behalf?
I like this one that was dated as and titled


Kennedy, Jane

That this House notes that Liverpool City Council has asked for £135 million to be made available by the Department for Communities and Local Government to enable the establishment of Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH); and believes that the concerns being expressed by the former executives of LMH require that the Government investigate the circumstances of the resignations of David Hucker and Linda Cherry and the possibility of taking the future management of the process of housing renewal out of the hands of Liverpool City Council.

What do Liverpool Tax payers think of this one then?
Comments please?

Tori Blare

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Oh no not Flo! said...

Given the disastrous failures of Cllr Flo Clueless at the City Housing Department over the last few years (zero rated 3 times running by the Audit commission), I think the government should step in and take over all of Liverpool's land and property powers until a new, clean and openly democratic authority can be set up to run them properly!