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Collective Responsibility

Before we start to examine this, let us give out a Health Warning to those who believe that they are resident in Norris Green and Liverpool but they are not involved therefore are not to be included in the Shame of the Stinking Mess.

Please Do Not read on.

Collective Responsibility

Does the word Responsible imply an obligation to do something to be responsible for something and thus “Guilty” if there is a failure to meet an obligation to be responsible?

In Norris Green, is the word responsible an illusion?

Is this the Modern Social State where the “The Dog eats Dog” is the norm?

Is the survival of the fittest that is those with a gun the only Law in Norris Green?

The Militant Liberalists have dominated the very fabric of our Liverpool Home since 1965 and the birth of the Militants.

Now we are faced with the Catastrophic Mistakes of giving our Responsibility to the Militants and the Officers of Liverpool City Council Social Service, Education, and Housing.

The Key Officer in that entire debacle? The Planning Department.

These same Officers were led by Five of the most Senior Officers in the City, (Ask the LIB DEMS Peter Mellie he will give you their names) in fairness to him only ONE is left and he is under investigation by the Audit Commission as we speak.

The Officers took Political Correctness to new heights and through Hatton Brady and Byrne created an Empire that infiltrated the Liverpool Council Airport LJMU Schools Social Services -you name it all came under their control.

Why don’t you read all this in the Kirkby Times? Link here

We asked our insider where was the Democratically Elected Councillors? They laughed hysterically and stated from the Officers, (Make Sure You Ask the Lib Dems) “We run the City not the Councillors.”

Once Khrushchev blew the gaff on Stalin and Lenin the Trots came running into the “New Party” the Militants and Hatton Byrne and Brady did the rest. The Politically Correct now endemic in Social Work Teachers and Council Unions dominated all Political Ideology.

If you had a scheme for the obscure Liverpool Officers would find the funds, as it was a minority representation.

In Liverpool the Capital of Culture is where we run the Image of Liverpool from Australia? Could you believe that we employed a woman who lived in Australia and worked from there to ruin Liverpool’s Image?

In the meanwhile Teenage Killers gathered, to be informed of their Rights funded of course by the Politically Correct, and the Assassins matured to form Protection Prostitution and Drug Cartels.

Social Services were set up in the 70’s and at a stroke dumped the Expertise of the Mental Health Officers The Care of the Elderly - Infirm – Children – Court – the lot and “Created a New Paint, Generic,” One Coat covers all the Cracks.

They were fooled by the Successive Tory Labour and Libs who when things went wrong dumped the total blame on THE GENERIC SW

Social Work failed Society and Society failed Social Work.

The only winners the Government “don’t blame us we have given them the money.”

The Cause of the Death of Norris Green Is Unknown.

Not because we cannot agree but because there is insufficient Evidence to warrant one Theory or another among the countless Psuedo Scientists all saying. “We know Please Sir give us more European Money we “Know,” this Time”.

Social Workers to the Right of us Psychologists to the Laugh of us NGOS Quangos. Senior Officers you name them they are just one Storey on top of a Henshaw or a Hatton and who is on top of all?

He who Scales the lot “Mr M.T. Himself”.

Just, Tell us where our money is you know the £110 million from us from the POLL TAXES WE PAY, please Mr Director General CEO Sir.

Now among that lot where is Shame where is Guilt where is Blame?

It is we the ordinary person in Liverpool that continually have the Loss of Face.

It is us that know of the Guilt of allowing Hatton the Militants and the Senior Officers to get us to here in Norris Green.

We who are;

Surrounded by Children who murder, and
By Teenagers who assassinate to Order.
Who carry Guns into our Pubs and show off with them stuck in their Belts.
Order now To Kill for Christmas or to Maim?
The only question asked HOW MUCH

In Our Liverpool Home

If there is no Shame in the Murderers Heart there is no fear if there is no fear it is because we have starved the Police of Resources. Where no Police then no Order where no Order then the Guns reign.

Guilt is simple to understand and to see. In Norris Green it doesn’t exist so do not look there. But then it doesn’t exist in the City Hall either or the money would have been found to clean the Vermin off the street. If the Rats and Mice ran the Streets the mothers of these killers would demand action.

What are words on paper or in a Constitution, which tell us of Freedom being fought for in Afghan or Iraq if the Terrorists are here on our Streets in Liverpool Norris Green?

What is freedom if Children and Teenagers wear tops that threaten and carry guns that kill and close shops and terrorise the Elderly under Curfew?

Are these Children our Children?

Do we have a Responsibility?

We came together when the “Be - headers” in Iraq, the Terrorists, held one of our sons for a Ransom.

Now an Area in Liverpool is held to Ransom and the Police have been made Powerless.

Where is the Labour Party who sanctioned £110 million loss on the Merseytravel Trams?

Where is the Lib Dems who allowed the degeneration of Norris Green Take Place?

Did not Clucas tell us all the money had gone?

Gone, gone where we ask Dear Flo?

Where are the proud boasts now “We have Cut the rates and the Throats and gunned down many in Norris Green but don’t blame us that is why we have Social Workers they always take the blame ask them in the next Cock – up – Tail, Party

The next article is about “sustainability.”

Can we as a Civil Association Sustain our Indifference to the Death Squads in Norris Green. The Evidence is that we will because of the Politically Correct say;

“Children did not Kill it was those Guns that Did It”

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