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Liverpool is now Iraq.
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When will you come to stop these Terrorists and give us back Democracy?

The war lords in Norris Green that control the Drugs the Prostitution the Thefts the burglary and collect the unpaid Drugs bill have been allowed a free hand to be armed and to use force to suppress the innocent good people not only of Norris Green but of Liverpool.

Tony Blair - he won;t be found in any no go zones after dark

“Self Styled Soldier’s” aged 10-15 and the 25 yr old Assassins that dominate them, drive in armoured vehicles to deliver drugs imported from Afghanistan and enforce payments by Gun Law. They maim by shooting and by stabbings. On any night the bodies can be found on the steps of Public Hospitals.

The knowledge that the Police have admitted to the Local Liverpool Echo that the Police cannot stop these teenage murders unless a riot ensues, which they cannot control, is HORRIFIC.

Social Workers who have failed Society say that “We” that is us not the Social Workers themselves, are to blame, the Soldiers are victims of our Society.

Therefore they say, “We the citizens of Liverpool are the cause of these murders and not the Murderers.”

The Police state that they are under-funded. We ask tell us now. By whom?
The police say they are understaffed. We ask. By who’s Authority?
The Police say that they are ill equipped. We ask. By who’s Directive?

We do know that the Politicians are one of the prime suspects.

Let’s be very clear.

Public Money European Money is pissed in the Bars or on the Roads every night of this notorious Killing Field once Green, now Dark and Evil. It is not just Booze, it is fuelled by Class A Drugs available everywhere. The Teenage Mutants tell you that they have a good job earning hundreds every week selling pushing the Drugs of Hell and Torment.

The deep sadness Tony Blair is the knowledge that the Elderly Infirm are isolated behind closed doors EVERY NIGHT BY THE CURFEW IMPOSED from 6pm to the 9am.

“Shut your door shut your mouth or we will shut it for you.”

Is that your Democracy Blair?

The dumping of single parents under sixteen, The Single Homeless, The Single Addicts has been the Housing Policy in Liverpool for too many years.

The figure is enormous and can only be aggregated but 60% of these thugs delight in reporting they also get the “Social Money” on top of the drugs sales.

The arrogance of these marauding, menacing, murdering scum is on display on EVERY Road day or night “Drugs for Sale” or “Book your victims murder for Christmas”

See how they gather, the Hooded Skin Head Cynics in the game of “How far can you Spit”?

The Dregs of humanity are they are Law abiding and honest? They Are Not.

This high percentage of Parasites collectively breed this Evil then smell their own Evil and thrive in the knowledge that the knives they carry and the Guns they carry their implements of torture are never taken from them.

Ask the Shopkeepers they will tell you what scum exist and why they were forced to close up to the THREAT OF MURDER.

The Norris Green Roads are littered with this human rubbish and along side them Roadside Tips, Dumps are just a common sight.

Vandalised Houses exist alongside the Political Vandalised Houses.

Fired houses, broken houses, burnt out houses, line the Roads. If it were Cancer it would be Fast Tracked for Chemotherapy or just cut out aggressively!!

This mass execution and Dereliction of this, a once magnificent Estate is not done by Aliens from Mars it is done by Soldiers from Norris Green.

THERE ARE POCKETS of humanity, dignity, resilience, and a strength to live through these dark days and we intend to make sure that the WORLD will know this.

We were contacted from Vancouver by an Ex - Norris Green Resident who was shocked to read the Echo on the web and was disgusted by the frightening FACTS.

We promised to give the subjected a voice and HERE it is.

“Once” recalled the Vancouver correspondent “Norris Green was a jewel a place desired to live in.”

St. Tessies, St. Christopher The Good Shepard all turned out Brains Olympic Boxers Footballers Famous and worldly wise.

These communities came from the inner city where families came first.

Now death and destruction murder and violence compete to be the slime and dirt, which litters the Estate.

“Soldiers” are agents of death and parade their threats on their tops and no one cares in this the Capital of Culture.

Churches are vandalised derelict and bereft of God Fearing People now the Nasty Brutish and Short Worship Drugs Violence and Images of Evil.

To imagine the fear left in the Woman Witnesses Mind when the Police who promised protection gave the THUGS who she had named and brought them to court, her address.

She is now in hiding not in her City.

Let us be frank here, these are not overnight episodes they have been identified for over 20 years.

The deterioration has been pernicious until this blackness. The all-pervading obsequiece, dominant is “The vote” catching MPs and Councillors.

And the most damaging in all of this?

Non other than “The Nurturing Misguided Female Dominated Social “something,” look and you will find them every where, mostly at receptions conferences seminars courses anywhere but not at night when the “Blood leeches” come out, they are badly lacking in qualifications and “feed” off the Kudos.

“I work there in Norris Green”

“How do you do it”?

“Well “Someone” has to do it. Pass the prawn sandwich” “Witch, witch? That witch no that witch”

Politicians cut money to the Police to gain Vote Catching Headlines.

“Your Rates Down Under the Lib. Dems.”

Oh yes?

So were police patrols down?

So was police manpower down?

So was Democracy and up? No is the short answer.

Crime Murder Mutilation Intimidation and Lawlessness UP IN YOUR Norris Green.
And the Crazies in Social Work STILL said we are to blame not the Soldiers who shoot to kill us.

This is no sudden dive to HELL this is a decline, and a well-documented Crime too and has had £Millions thrown at the area.

Each successive Council each Council Officer and CEO, all have said, “ we run this city.”

The Voluntary Agencies valiantly emerged with none so caring as the Drug Addicts Parents.

The rest?

We are still unmoved by the double counting overlapping duplicating led by the City Officers who still maintain that they run the City.

The mismatch of Housing Action Plans Self Governing Residents as Landlords what is the use of going on and on? They were all a failure.

Here is a typical scene. THE NEED for an Economic Development Group for the area was agreed but it needed A Senior Housing Manager Seconded from the LCC his Salary Pension National Insurance Expenses from Town to Broadway and an Office Unit with THREE LCC seconded employees all wages pensions and a Computer each, was taken directly from the Norris Green Objective One Funds and of course OUR own Rates and Taxes.

This was to greatly reduce the money given to the area from Brussels to alleviate the problems.

Can “You” tell us why?

We don’t know and neither does the whistleblower.

The Image of Norris Green is now World Wide on the Net.

The purification and stinking mess is out as News of the World.

The Image of Liverpool Capital of Culture is again subsumed into parallel Images of the Toxteth Riots, then led by the Political Clowns Hatton Byrne and another forty-seven misguided.

Who can forget the number of Charity Nights we all attended to raise £240000 surcharged on these innocents to stop them going to Jail?

Hatton now in Manchester screams daily from his Radio Show, fun at Scousers.

The criminal teenagers the terrorists of Norris Green are no different than the warlords of Somalia. These Norris Green Terrorists dispense violence daily nightly and the Police have no manpower to regain Law and Order.

Let NO fawning misguide untrained Social Worker attempt to mask these acts of crime.
There is nothing worse than having to listen to Middle Class Highly Paid nondescripts quoting Middle Class American Therapies for $Millions in reward.

Academic Crap and Gown Reports excusing single and now multiple acts of Murder in schools “The sight of Seven Innocent Girls lined up and shot is to come to Norris Green”

Tony Blair Cherie deserted the Professors the sacked hounded and Skipped Professors at LJMU and now you too?

Are you only interested in Iraq and their Terrorists and leave us to the Norris Green Terrorists?

This nest of Evil Vipers must be excluded. DO YOU agree Tony?

Social Workers say these Gun children are not to blame the guns are.

And our Society has created these Frankenstein’s.

It is not the Children?

Are these Norris Green self-promoting Soldiers carrying DAMAGED MINDS or GUNS?

Is the damage that these Murderers carry deep inside them “put there by the People of Liverpool, operable?

Can it be removed by surgery to make the KILLER whole again?

No way.

There is no way that any evidence can say or even hint that these wicked violent acts committed by the scum is anything other than a “Happy to Kill and Stab and Maim” to be a Soldier.

Tony Blair get the warlords off the Roads of Norris Green and into places away from Liverpool in cells for years or until they Maturate, that is become human.

Don’t blame the Parents just make them pay now from the money from the Drugs.
The amount to be paid must cover all costs of the crimes and injuries to the at risk and of the cost of the Police to the Last Penny, and into the Courts that are open all hours.

Sweep the Roads Clean give the Police the money to brush this vermin off the Norris Green Map.

The parent maybe right whenever they say, “My son is beyond my control” in all cases put them in Walton to be cultivated by the Older and more Wise who will make a good servants of these Killers.

Tony Blair make us the next terrorist target.

Get the vermin out of Liverpool.

This is the First of Three Articles.


Anonymous said...

In relation to your comment to social workers, you need to get your facts straight. SW's do not blame the guns as opposed to the children carrying them, they highlight and monitor the issues and supervise young people's orders and share information with the police. Without this knowledge and practice, several high profile arrests wouldn't be on today's news. Contact your local authority for verification of this.

Anonymous said...

What a subjective sight pertaining to shit political support - I suppose you want YouTube shut down well sights as imperialistic as this should be too.

Tori Blare said...

This post is from October 2006, the same stupid kids went on to kill Rhys Jones.
Whats with the youtube comment?
If you want real news to read, up to date blogs such as my Liverpool in a mess, Tony Parrish's Subculture and Chucklebutties contributions.
Oh I would check up on what imperialistic really means.

Tori Blare said...

read the post again and you will find the comments and or view points are not mine, I only show people the way, using articles such as this.
Social workers do not have any real power to do anything about guns etc, as I said someone elses opinion ,which I welcome your comments on regardless.