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THE city council's internal report into The 08 Place has given the go-ahead for private firms to lobby senior council officers about lucrative contracts.
The report says there is "nothing wrong" in them making such contact.
It also admits that the thieving rottweiller, McElhinney did not tell the truth to councillors about The 08 Place contract.

But charitably, arrogantly and unbelievably naively, it concludes:
"there is no evidence that the statement was made knowing it to be untrue and in order to mislead."

The report, by bald legal eagle, Michael Kenworthy reluctantly admits that it was "not good practice" for Chas Cole's CMP Entertainment to instruct council contractors about fitting out the Culture one-stop shop.

In other words, the council now believes that a private company should not give orders to council workmen about fitting out its own offices with posher lights than normal, better carpets, more expensive decorations and fitments etc, etc. (It's certainly immensely re-assuring that the city council have now very firmly drawn the line at that unthinkable state of affairs ever possibly happening, ed. Just who the hell is in charge of this amateur outfit?)

Drawing himself up to his full 5 foot 8 inches, Kenworthy positively oozes smug pomposity, self-importance and arrogance as he concludes: "Any reasonably (sic) minded members of the public will accept that the matter has been dealt with properly by the Council, CMP and the Audit Commission."

(Oh no we won't, ed)

And anyway, quite what the findings of a council report has got to do with a private company like CMP, or why the council should now be bending over backwards to defend a private company like CMP, is beyond us. (Kenworthy has typically over-reached himself, ed)
We are ignoring the Audit Commission completely since they were fast asleep on the job when McElhinney was ripping off the council for millions on behalf of Liverpool Direct.

Kenworthy's report is:

* silent on McElhinney, Halsall and Cole's close relationship

* silent on the specific allegation about them running together in the New York marathon

* silent on Halsall's son's band appearing at the Summer Pops and of course it is also

* silent on the amount of free car parking and the rent free period given to CMP by McElhinney as part of the deal.

The report is also highly selective - it:

* fails to reveal that former council leader Mike Storey presented the report to Colin Cover Up (why? ed)

* fails to include any evidence from the city council's surveyors 20/20 (why? ed)

* fails to detail Henshaw's secret role in covering up the terms of the deal (why? ed) and

* fails to provide any evidence for its glib conclusions.

In other words it is the most servile, complicit and complacent cover-up imaginable. The cabal will be laughing like drains.
Kenworthy is either gullible or a fool. (Probably both, ed)

He says, for example, astonishingly:

"Given CMP's historical (sic) connection with the city's Summer Pops (he means Chas Cole's relationship with the smiling assassin, Halsall ed) and inevitable contact with senior officers of the council (two in particular, of course, Halsall and McElhinney, ed) it should not have been surprising to anyone that the lessee (CMP) should have tried to use those contacts..."

Oh, that's okay then. Fair enough. We will keep quiet in future about private contractors trying to use their contacts with senior council officers to win a better deal. Nothing wrong with that - they should be able to wine and dine them, take them to the villa in Marbella, arrange trips to New York.

Do they think we are all bonkers? Is Kenworthy certifiably insane?

Kenworthy goes on to say the free parking and rent free period for The 08 Place was agreed by 20/20. He fails to explain why they actually gave completely different advice and, in emails, officially expressed surprise at the terms of the deal. Why?

He admits that McElhinney gave the wrong information to the Select Committee about work on The 08 Place - but doesn't say McElhinney wrongly told councillors work had ceased and then failed to correct that information. (So that's ok then, McElhinney can lie all he likes in the future, too. Presumably he has not aplogised to councillors for misleading them either? ed)

It also claims that McElhinney was 'very clear' that no works should continue on The 08 Place beyond the £900,000 figure approved by the council.
So why did McElhinney fail to tell councillors that work was continuing beyond that amount?
Kenworthy says there is no evidence that McElhinney acted inappropriately or had any pecuniary interest in the transaction. (What investigations did he conduct to examine that interest then? ed)

Kenworthy finally asks us to rely on the assurances given by the Chief Executive(s) (the greedy blackmailer Henshaw and Colin Cover Up, ed).

He must be joking.

His report is based on ('trust me, I'm the very important Acting City Solicitor) mere assertion, with no evidence whatsoever adduced to support his conclusions. If he says it, it must be true.

I don't think so, bald eagle.

Crucially Kenworthy's report does not explain why the cost of The 08 Place soared from £900,000 to £1.4million. Half a million pounds of public money down the drain.
Nor does it apologise for that massive increase.
Nor does it explain what steps have been taken to prevent the same situation happening again.
Nor does it call for the appropriate distance to be observed between council officers with control of lucrative contracts and the bosses of private firms.

It is the most specious, superficial and condescending report produced by the city council in a long time.

And it now proves, without any question, just who is really in charge of Liverpool city council.

NB Contrary to the craven Echo's incorrect story last night, the report does not even deal with the allegations concerning Liverpool Direct Limited. (Spin gone into overdrive again, methinks, ed)

Posted by Tony Parrish47 at Tuesday, November 21, 2006

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sickened said...

well done

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 7:39:00 AM

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this mean your dossier is bollocks old chap?
You should probably scurry off back down your hole.
Wednesday, November 22, 2006 1:00:00 PM

Mrs Hilton said...

Lib Dems said it as in the past and to leave it in the past, so thats ok then isnt it?
Wednesday, November 22, 2006 3:15:00 PM

Tony Parrish47 said...

you wish...(to anonymous, aka the smiling assassin Halsall)
Wednesday, November 22, 2006 6:18:00 PM

not scared of them said...

and anyway, wasn't it the leader of the council's dossier (which he believed so serious, he took it to the police?)?
Wednesday, November 22, 2006 6:20:00 PM

Shoulder to shoulder said...

They are desperate for you to go away Tony - 'scurry off back down your hole', they beg. You have caused them so much damage and so much discomfort and exposed them for what they are. Evil, greedy, malignant tossers.
Wednesday, November 22, 2006 6:26:00 PM

Tori Blare said...


If Halsal was so sure of himself he would put his name on his comment.
If you do scurry down a hole tony, then I and many many oh so many others will be down there with you.

We won't go away until justice has been served.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 8:13:00 PM

mrs doctor mc dog said...

So that is why McElhinney needed his shower!

he needs it for all the EVIL ones to wash away the sins of the 08 whitewash
Wednesday, November 22, 2006 8:16:00 PM


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mrs doctor mc dog said...

Maybe McElhinney has something on the ECHO as well as everyone else?